INFOLIFE’s comprehensive iLifeMediClaim cloud portal will benefit the Hospital, Insurance companies and TPAs to bring the standardization of claim process methodologies that enhance the Claim data capture from Hospital Information Management Software(HIMS) to Claim monitoring and processing through seamless Digital platform.

It is highly critical for insurance companies/TPA to ensure that authentication of data from the hospital Source HIMS to customer satisfaction for building lasting relations with them.

iLifeMediClaim Seamless flow of operations in the claim settlement process is the key to get customer/Patient confidence.

Structured Digital platform enables authentication of greater accuracy in the pre-authorization amount to approval amount. This process reduce the disallowances and revenue leakage, also bring clarity between hospitals and payers.


Due to high demand growth of Health Insurance in India, Hospital's have to adopt the latest claim processing technologies, that enable electronic exchange of data between health care industry to Insurance/TPA, that bring best Global practices.

iLifeMediClaim solutions enhance the payment realization cycle from Insurance companies to Hospitals to maximum extend. Also all claim processing information and documents readily available for reference, it simplify the insurance companies to settle the Claim amount to hospitals in a great extent with the Limited time lapse, that improves the Hospital Cash flow at max.


Currently Pre-Authorization process from hospital varies widely and in most of the cases, is a manual process, relying heavily on emails or through TPA’s Portal.

Hospital Insurance processing desk have to login multiple TPA portals for claim processing, none of this TPA Portals are integrated with Hospital Information Management Software(HIMS).

Patient Demographical Information, Patient Health History, Patient Current illness and cost of the treatments are manually entered in TPA’s Portal for Pre-Authorization.

INFOLIFE‘s iLifeMediClaim solutions is an integrated Platform to fulfil the current process shortfall of clarity/transference’s among all stakeholders of the Insurance eco system.

Even though TPA Portal allow the Hospital user to upload the necessary data and documents, Once again the same data are re entered by TPA user for their further action.

Claim Approval and Tracking

INFOLIFE’s iLifeMediClaim Approval and Tracking system empowers the claims management process in a systematic manner and improve the Claim Payment realization in a shortest period. Currently most of the legacy systems heavily dependent on a manual process, relying heavily on physical documents and couriers.

Being Integrated with Hospital Information Management System(HIMS), ensures all IP Billing information, Discharge summary information to seamlessly flow to iLifeMedClaim system, enables TPA processing team to Process and approve the claim request appropriately.

• iLifeMediClaim reduces alot of Queries from payer due to complete or acurate information provided.
• Complete visibility of approval status and payment status from iLifeMediClaim.
• Being Centralised system, it isn't difficult to get the source of information for all transactions.
• Finally improve the cash Flow to Hospital.